Eating insects: not a bug but a feature

Last week, we discussed the importance of eating insects at school. Many people, including myself, are disgusted by the idea of eating insects. On the other hand, eating insects is very normal in other parts of the world.

Eating insects can have a positive impact on the environment, since their production is environment friendlier. That is because insects are a lot smaller than our current food sources (aka cows and pigs), and thus their ratio of consumed food : produced food is greater. They use less land, water and food to get the same amount of food, and produce less greenhouse gasses in the process. That basically means they are a more efficient food source. Moreover, they can also be used as food source for animal feed, to replace the current soy or fish based meals.

Furthermore, insects are also extremely healthy. They contain a lot of important minerals and vitamins. In addition to that, they are also high in protein, fat and fiber content. That looks like a very healthy and highly nutritious food source to me!

This all leads to one conclusion: eating insects will have significant benefits for the environment and our health. Which raises the question: why are we so disgusted by the idea? According to Of Course MAX (2021), our disgust is embedded in our Western culture. Personally, I think insects just miss the aww factor baby cows have.

In conclusion, eating insects is healthy and has significant benefits for the environment, and thusalso our future. Therefore I have changed my mind. I do think I am going to have to step over the disgust factor, but I would be willing to try insects. What about you guys?


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