Mr. Bean

Presentatie voor Engels over comedy, in specifiek over Mr. Bean.


The first Mr. Bean series was released on January 1st, 1990. It featured a total of 15 episodes, starring, you guessed it, Mr. Bean. In 1997 a full feature film appeared on the big screen with a sequel, along with a cartoon series, following 2007, a good 17 years after Mr. Bean was introduced to the public.


Mr Bean is a comedy show and film series in which the main character, called Mr bean, does normal, everyday tasks and activities in his own, unconventional and silly ways.


Example 1: clumsyness

A running theme with Mr. Bean jokes seems to be the clumsyness. Most of the time he is just akwardly stumbling around without a clue about what he’s doing. Some examples are him going to the hairdressers, him in the smimming pool and when he lost the doorknob when trying to paint his room.

Example 2: childishness

Another common theme in Mr. Bean is his childish behavoir. Think about the time he tries to use the child section of the swimming pool, or his famous teddy.

Example 3: stupidity

And not to forget: most of the time Mr. Bean is just doing stupid things. For example when he gets his hand stuck in a tea pot, when he tries to paint his appartment using a paint bomb or when he drives his car while ontop of it.


I think we can safely conclude Mr. Bean is a fun and original show that certainly belongs to the classics of comedy. It is fun for a wide range of audiences and can be viewed on YouTube, making it even more accesible. It has also led to a whole lot of funny compilations and memes that we can all enjoy.