Living healthier lives

The Paleo diet is a diet where you basically boycott all processed/mass-produced foods, as well as all grains and added sugars1. This can make you feel better since that’s what our bodies are “made” for. We have evolved to live from vegetables, meat, and fruits. Grains have only been introduced very late in our evolution, and we can’t actually really get much nutrition from them. Apart from that you also don’t drink dairy: it’s quite weird to drink baby milk from cows if you think about it.

From my own experiences, I can say eating more vegetables and fewer grains and dairy made me feel better. It improved my concentration and I also noticed that when I eat healthy I also have fewer pimples.

Apart from food a regular, consistent sleep schedule is as important as healthy food and getting enough exercise2. By just sleeping a few hours more every night you drastically lower the chance of getting Diabetes, Obesity, and just being sick in general. It also reduces stress.

This is because our bodies “recharge” in the night. Things like tissue repair and muscle growth happen at night. In addition, we tend to live healthier and make better choices when we’re rested.

I think food, sleep, and laughter are all good ways to make your life enjoyable and relieve stress. However, I think food and sleep can have a bigger and more measurable impact on our lives than laughter. That isn’t to say laughter isn’t important though, a life without fun seems boring to me. I think I just already have enough fun with my friends and at my job, and that’s why I feel sleep and food are more important.

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