RE: Plans for the future?

Subject: RE: Plans for the future?

Hey Freddie,

Long time no see :) This year I’ve dropped quite a few subjects since I want to focus on the things I like. I’m now in 4VWO (one of the old kids lol) and I’m enjoying the year so far.

You asked about my plans for the future. Well, honestly I’m not sure yet. I’m quite good at programming and for the coming years I’ll probably stay at Qdentity because it’s a nice environment to work in and it also pays very well (I’m rich now :D).

I’ve been playing with the idea of becoming a primary school teacher for a while now. It seems like a fun job and they’re in demand, so getting a job wouldn’t be hard. It also seems fun to work with kids.

I’ve decided I probably don’t want to go to university (even if some people will say it’s a waste of talent or something). I don’t like doing research and would like to learn to do a job, I’m not interested in the theory all that much. It also seems fun to do something with physics or math, but again, it’s all very theoretical.

So all with all I’m really not sure yet. For now I’m enjoying life, and I also don’t have to think about it really (yet). Those are worries for future me.

Bye, Robin